• How To Market For New Stylists To Work In Your Salon

    How to attract hairdressers to work in your salon In our industry, marketing open positions can be more tricky than in other industries. If you ow...
  • Christmas marketing to make your salon stand out to your local customers!

      The holidays are coming, and we’re going to help you use the momentum the holiday spirit and Hallmark movies are creating to increase your reven...
  • Drastically grow your brand and help the world by hosting a Joy Prom

    This article isn’t intended to be about hair, teach you how to train a new stylist, or how to get new employee. Instead, its intention is to show how you can make a huge impact on the world while elevating your brand to new heights in your community. 
  • Unique and inexpensive marketing to grow your salon FAST!

    Here is a unique marketing strategy that can work well for any salon owner willing to put in a little bit of work. This involves setting up a strategic partnership with a local coffee shop. 
  • Should you call references before hiring a new stylist?

    Remember, a resume is always a record of embellished accomplishments with all the low points removed. A resume is an Instagram filter for their professional career. We have to get past those filters to find out who the person is, and if they fit into our salons in the roles we need, and we need someone to thrive in those roles. 
  • How to impress a potential hire.

    You want to give this stylist or nail tech your full attention. Put your phone in your desk drawer before the person gets there. Leave it in your car; just do not have it on you. They traveled to meet you for this interview, so they have already earned your full attention, and they will remember that you never once pulled out your phone.
  • How may times should each stylist be interviewed?

    The hiring process is a very stressful event. We all know that a single bad hire can hold your business growth for years, if not indefinitely. A bad hire can cost you revenue, clients, and can even cause great employees to leave for a better employment experience. 
  • Creating your personal brand as a salon owner or stylist

    As you grow as a salon owner, more opportunities will present themselves if you know how to look for them. The more people know you, the more you build your brand, the more opportunities try to find you.
  • Easy steps for getting stylists to sell retail

    Most often, the reason we hear that stylists don't push retail is they don't want to do sales. It isn't that they don't want to make more money or do retail, but the reality is that they are intimidated by it. They don't possess the knowledge to sell effectively. Without the knowledge, they won't have the confidence. Without self-confidence for sales, the default is almost always "I didn't get into this industry to make sales." This is actually incredibly common across all industries, not just the beauty industry. 
  • How to increase your income by giving your stylists a pay raise!

    There are ways that you, as the salon owner, can pay your stylist more while increasing your revenue.
  • 30 questions to ask a potential stylist during an interview.

    If you won the Powerball tonight, would you be at work next week?

    If they love being behind the char so much that they would do it for free, that shows passion many of us want to have in our stylists.

  • 11 Books Every Salon Owner Needs to Read for Success

    To be an effective leader and business owner, we must continuously expand our knowledge and ability. One of the best ways to do so is by learning from other great leaders' experience.

    We've gathered a collection of fantastic books available on both Audible and physical books to help take your leadership skills and business to higher levels. There will be something below that appeals to everyone, but even if some of these titles do not jump out at you, I promise each holds tremendous value fr increasing your skills as a leader, and the revenue for your salon.