Easy steps for getting stylists to sell retail

Posted by Jeremy Augusta on

We, as the owner of the salon, understand how valuable selling retail is. In the most profitable salons, retail counts for more than 50% of salon revenue. Yeah, 50%. We know selling retail is vital to our financial success and independence, but at times, it seems like the stylists in our salons have no idea how to sell retail or no drive to sell it. I've heard stylists say they got into this business to make people beautiful, not to be in sales. Well, guess what, honey, everything we do in life is sales. When the stylists post their selfies from your salon on Instagram, no matter if they know it or not, that is sales; they do sales every day, some just really suck at it. When a stylist refuses to make sales or refuses to learn to sell, it not only hurts your salon's revenue, it hurts what they can bring home for their family. Below, we will give you some of the tips we provide in our seminars on the topic of selling retail to help both your salon and your stylists have more financial freedom. 

Most often, the reason we hear that stylists don't push retail is they don't want to do sales. It isn't that they don't want to make more money or do retail, but the reality is that they are intimidated by it. They don't possess the knowledge to sell effectively. Without the knowledge, they won't have the confidence. Without self-confidence for sales, the default is almost always "I didn't get into this industry to make sales." This is actually incredibly common across all industries, not just the beauty industry. 

Make the client want to ask about the products before you even mention them.  In our salons, we have nicely framed posters up that says, "Ask us about the amazing products we are using on you today" (we provide these free to salons who carry NuLuxe Beauty products as a way to help the salons increase revenue). We have these near the shampoo bowls; that way, as the client is lying there, instead of looking at a blank wall, they see our marketing that almost always prompts them to ask, giving us an effortless opportunity to start the discussion. Instead of small talk about a virus or elections in the shampoo bowl, we can discuss how amazing our products are! The best part about this is we didn't even ask, they asked us! So while they are having their hair washed, they have asked us to talk about the shampoos and conditioners we are currently using. 

Keep the products within reach while they are in the chair.  Once we have left the shampoo bowl, we have another easy opportunity for the clients to ask about them. So, they were in the shampoo bowl, they asked about the products, or even if they didn't ask, they still had absolutely seen the sign, and at minimum, the products are in their mind. At the stations, we have a small podium type shelf (at every station) with the most commonly sold products sitting there in front of them within arms reach. Also on the shelf is a small sign that says, "Explore your favorite products." While they are in the chair, the stylist has a fantastic opportunity to continue talking about the products they used. You want to put the product in their hands. This creates a more physical connection between the client and the product, more so than merely having it used on them because now they are holding it and reading the bottle. They will ask questions, and your stylists will happily answer those questions, which is selling the product in a way that will not intimidate the stylists by making them feel salesy. 

Bring the products to the sales counter with the client. As the stylist has been speaking about the products and starts to walk the client to pay, they need to bring the products used on the clients with them to the pay desk. There, as as they arrive, the stylist needs to place the products on the counter in front of the client and ask, "which if the products used today do you want to take home so you can make your hair look this amazing each day." Pay attention, this is incredibly important. They must not ask, "do you want any of the products" They MUST ask WHICH of the products they want to take home. If you ask "if," the client has an opportunity to say none, if you ask, "which" they will almost every time pick out at least a few. Think about this, did you know that one of McDonald's most sold and profitable products is their apple pie? Nobody ever goes through the drive-through and asks for an apple pie, but, at the end of every order, they offer one, and that is how they are sold so much. The same goes for upsizing the meals there; you can't go through the drive-through and make an order without the employee asking if you would like to make your order a large, and very, very often the customer says yes. 

There you have it—straightforward and practical steps to get retail sales from stylists who are scared to sell products. 


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