How to attract the top stylists to your salon

Posted by Jeremy Augusta on

It isn’t always easy to find great stylists to work for you, it’s even harder to find the BEST stylists to work in your salon. Due to the shutdowns that Covid has caused, our industry is flooded with high quality stylists who are looking for fantastic salons to work in, but this influx of stylists looking for salons has made it difficult to attract the very best stylists when they have so many options available due to their skills behind the chair. Don't get in the rut of thinking you are the only salon in the area looking for these stylists, you have to expect that all the competition up the road is looking for the same stylists to bring into their salon, along with their clientele that follows the stylist. If you want to attract these top stylists, you have to offer them what others wont, or cant. Here is what these amazing stylists will be looking for, so you can attract them to your business. 

  1. If it brings their career to a new level. Can you offer them an opportunity to become a stage artist? Perhaps you can position them to make more money by holding training's in your salon which they get profit from. 
  2. If the position can offer them career advancement within the business. Can they have training to be a manager or lead stylists, increasing their normal income? 
  3. The passion of the owner matters. If the owner isn't passionate about their product, how can they expect a new employee to be? They will be attracted to a salon owner who lives and breathes their profession. Passion and excitement is contagious, if you have it, they will be attracted to that passion. 
  4. If the facility can offer them more responsibility. How can your salon put them in a position to grow where other salons couldn’t?
  5. If they can get training on the business side. Many stylists want to have their own salons one day. Perhaps you can teach them the business side so they can gain that knowledge. If so, there is a strong chance that when they are ready to go out on their own, instead of doing it alone, they can partner with you in the new salon. In a scenario like that, they aren’t leaving to open their own, they are expanding your business and brand. 
  6. The opportunity to have the costs of continuing education covered. Continuing education is huge for any REAL professional in our industry. Covered continuing education is a giant selling point, if you are interviewing a stylist who isn’t interested in free continuing education, that isn't a stylist you want representing your salon. 


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