How To Market For New Stylists To Work In Your Salon

Posted by Jeremy Augusta on

How to attract hairdressers to work in your salon

In our industry, marketing open positions can be more tricky than in other industries. If you own a tech company, a garage, or a restaurant franchise, the typical methods of looking for potential hires are satisfactory. You can use LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job boards to find those future hires. In the beauty industry though, it can be more difficult. You will very rarely find a hairdresser on LinkedIn searching for a salon or marketing their business. You are very unlikely to see any hairdressers posting their resumes on job boards for potential employers to find and contact. So, how do you successfully find hairdressers to rent your booth or work on commission? We’re going to learn right now. 

The first place we want to start is with our business social media. You will want to change your Instagram profile so that at the bottom of your bio, it says something direct such as “We’re Hiring Stylists!”. That way, each person who clicks on your profile will see that you are indeed currently hiring. If you have attended one of our social media mastery classes or worked with us on business mentorship, you already know how valuable your social media is. If you are growing your salon and brand and have worked with us, you already know you need 3 Instagram posts per day, 6 Instagram story posts, and 3 Facebook posts, all from your business each day. These are posts that are already scheduled to be posted so you do not have to spend a lot of time on them. But, you will want to edit your scheduled posts so that on each one it says something along the lines of “We’re looking for stylists who want to learn to become rockstars behind the chair!”. That way, with all your scheduled, and effective social meda marketing, you are constantly sourcing new stylists to join your salon. Even when you are not actively needing stylists, you should always use this technique to that you are constantly attractive the areas top stylists to your salon. 

The next place to search for stylists is the obvious option, hair schools. You can contact the schools directly nd ask to put up marketing materials in common areas so they the graduating stylists will know you are searching for employees. Talking to stylists we have worked with, there seems to be push back against hiring stylists fresh out of school. Not hiring these stylists can be a huge mistake. They are coming to you with as empty cup with no bad habits, ready to learn and be skilled in your methods. Do not ever look at hiring recent students as an inconvenience, but instead see them as the investment into your salons future that they really are. 

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