Supporting your stylists careers can drastically grow your business

Posted by Jeremy Augusta on

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to." –Richard Branson

All successful salons across the industry, no matter if they are big name franchise salons, small local salons, or national and growing brands, all have one thing in common. The employees LOVE working there. You will not find a profitable salon where the employees are not happy. If you have a high turnover in your stylists, or you're are wanting to increase the value of your business, read on.

Mentoring your stylists careers should be a priority.

In our community, "mentor" is a term that is thrown around so much the word itself has lost value. Any small business group you post a question in will have a dozen so called “mentors” who have never had a business trying to get you to pay them to tell you how to run yours. What you, as the salon owner should do is authentic, honest career mentoring.

Internal mentoring is common practice in almost every other industry, but it has never caught on in the beauty industry. Taking a proactive role in your employees can increase their happiness in their position, their joy with the business, their productivity, and all of this will bring up your bottom line. When your stylists are happy and feeling fulfilled, their enjoyment of being behind the chair will flow out to your clients and make them even more delighted at your business as well.

Create your stylists a program for success as you would create a program for a client.

As the owner of the salon, you want to have one on one time with each stylist so you can nurture and discuss their career goals, what certifications they wish to earn, new classes or seminars they could create and teach to make both them and the business more revenue, and you need to discuss the steps necessary to reach these goals. If you are in the early stages of your salon, this could be especially important to help them to buy into the dream to help the facility be more successful. 

Schedule regular appointments with your stylists.

You want to schedule bi-weekly, or at the longest, monthly one on one meetings with each stylist to discuss the above goals and to make sure they are taking steps to reach their goals. If they are not making progress, this is your opportunity to help them. Helping them to have a more fulfilling career is also helping yourself to have a more successful business.

These one-on-one sessions are also a fantastic time to give and receive feedback. If you think there is a way the stylist can improve, this is the opportunity to tell them. If the stylist has an idea that can help the salon be more profitable, they are more likely to say to you during these sessions instead of burying the thought.

These regular sessions will become invaluable to the growth of your salon and the growth of your relationship with your stylists. 


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