Three tips for finding a salon manager to help run and grow your business

Posted by Jeremy Augusta on

Finding a stylist for your salon can be challenging; finding a manager to tun it in your absence is even more difficult. The single biggest struggle salon owners have is finding the A+ staff members for their roles. We will discuss three easy tips to help you find and hire the A+ manager to drive the forward growth of your business while allowing you to be more hands off and have more time with your family.


Tip #1

The cover letter matters more than the resume. The resume is, at best, an embellished list of accomplishments with all of the failures removed. If you have been hiring stylists for a while, you have noticed that resumes all basically look the same and blend together. While the resume is essential to gather information about job history, we look to the cover letter for real information on the potential hire.

The cover letter is intended to be an explanation of why and how the potential stylist fits into your community. When a potential hire wishes to apply for your open position, you want to know that they have researched your salon instead of looking at you as just the next paycheck. An A+ candidate will do this by studying the website and social media profiles of your business. They will explain how they fit into and bring value to your community. No matter how great a resume looks, if it is sent without a cover letter, circle file it.


Tip #2

Avoid the first failure point in hiring. When hiring a stylist, manager, nail tech, etc., the first failure point is not stating CRYSTAL CLEAR in the job description about what success looks like in this role. If you are looking to hire a general manager with expectations this person will raise revenue by 20% the first year, you must be clear about that intention in the job description. Having a statement like that in the description may very well scare some potential hires off. That is a good thing. We only want to hire the best of the best. Remember, your business is only as good as your staff. No matter how hard you try to build an A+ salon, it will only be a C or D if you only hire C or D staff. If you have identified your needs correctly, you will not be casting a wide net, hoping it catches the right stylist. Instead, you will know the needed skillset precisely and looking deep and narrow for the competencies and experience you require for your future growth. 


Tip #3

Never stop sourcing. A successful business owner realizes that recruitment is not a one time or as needed event. To be the best business possible, and to beat your competition, you must always be looking for new talent. If there is an A+ stylist in your area looking for a position, either they will work for you, or they will work for your competition and helping the competition to become a more dominant business. To help with this process, the salon owner needs to identify which positions and growth roles they should hire for before the role needs to be filled. Waiting to hire last minute means you will only have last-minute quality staff. 


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