Which salon towels are the best?

Posted by Jeremy Augusta on

Finding the best salon towels can be more difficult than you would expect. There are thousands of different brands, different ways of asking the towels, prices, etc. In our salons, for years we have gone though countless brands of salon towels and wasted who knows how much money buying different types of towels until we found what was perfect for our salons! 

Below is a link to what we have found to be the perfect towels for us. We have been using these for a long time in our salons. We have probably been through 20 or more different brands over the year and now these are the only microfiber towels we will purchase. They hold up incredibly well without falling apart, they do not get color stains, they dry hair very fast and they are incredibly affordable!

Here you go, click here and get the best towels we can find!


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