Social Media Management

Having a strong social media presence is key for growing and scaling your salon. Your Facebook and Instagram are the online face of your business to the entire world.

Your salon’s social media will either bring in new clients or make them keep looking for a new stylist. 

An on point salon social media business page will either bring in new stylists to work behind the chair, or it will be bland and dull, causing the potential new stylists to keep looking at other more exciting looking salons to work in. Remember, the best stylists will only work in the best salons, and your social media will show if you are one of the best or just another fighting to stay open. 

Here is the biggest issue though, as the salon owner, you are also already on your feet for 12 hours a day and working as hard as you can, you don't have the time to schedule and post 4 times a day on two different platforms, and when you get home you want to spend time with the family, not another 3 hours a day scheduling social media marketing. 

Like you. we are in the beauty business, we are also highly experienced in running social media for many years for many different businesses in many different industries. With years of learning and experience, we know how to structure social media posts so that they are always sourcing new stylists and always bringing in new customers. 

We have a VERY LIMITED offering for social media marketing for salons who want to grow and scale their business while increasing their influence in the industry. We will only be offering this service to the first 5 salons who sign up. The product page will show how many social media growth opportunities e have left available. 


Included in this offer is:

We will make 4 social media posts per day for each day of the month. Once in the morning, another before lunch, another after lunch, and the final one in the evening. The posts will be scheduled around the times when social media activity will be at its highest so you get the most views, engagement, and always in the memory of your potential clients.  When a follower of your social media checks their platforms when they wake up, we want them to see your brand. When they are on lunch and scrolling through their feed, we want them to see your brand. While they are waiting to pick up their kids and right after they finish dinner and settle down for the day, your brand is in front of them. 

Posts will be made to both your salon on Facebook and Instagram. 


We will showcase your salon's expertise in beauty and hair care


Showcase all your salons’ photos and best work


Create a constant flow of fresh content to reach out and engage with current and potential clients and stylists


Attract new clients from both inside and outside your local area


Constantly be sourcing for new stylists to grow your staff and business


Organically improve your search engine rankings with service and location hashtags that help clients find you.

You can see an example of how your salon posts will look like and will be structured at


The charge for this service is only $500 a month to have the best, most attractive, and most effective social media of any salon in your area. This is not a reoccurring charge. If you used this service and want to continue, you may pay for another month, if you get the results you wanted and do not want to run the social media again, the charge is not reoccurring so there is nothing you need to do. 

We will need you to create and share with us a google photos folder of 90 or more photos from your salon. 

You will need to authorize us on your social media platforms to post on your behalf. 

The last and most important part, you will need a glass of wine to relax with because now all your social media is not only effective but also bringing you in new clients, new stylists and your business is now growing!

To move forward with growing and scaling your salon, click here to go to the product page. After payment please email us at with your personal Facebook page and your business Facebook and Instagram.